I was tasked to redesign and develop a website for an artificial intelligence startup company called Daisee, to improve how visitors to the site can get in contact and to improve how their product is expressed. This involved UX & UI Design, 3D rendering, Web Animation as well as Development. Click on the image or on the link below to try the website yourself:
The UX research, ideation and prototyping process helped with sourcing information about their clients, understanding the product and with planning how to improve the manner it's portrayed.
This infomation then contributed to the design of easy to access and clearly visible call to action buttons, condensing the wording and adding more stimulating and dynamic visuals. The goal in mind was to improve how the purpose of the software is expressed and to help visitors to understand it quicker and easier. A high fidelity prototype was then created, this initial design differs from the final result though as it was reiterated.

Below are some key aspects of the final result of the website. 
I found some inspiration from other similar software websites and aimed to design a more modern interface with a more up to date look. Though the site was built with a CMS, the majority of the front end was coded with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 
From understanding the function of the product, which was quite complex, I thought that artwork could be effective in expressing what the software does, this easier than words alone. So I designed, modeled and rendered an image to support the written content on this panel. 
To further get across what the software delivers, I created a HTML and JavaScript web animation which starts when a user scrolls to its panel. The above is a video but the actual animation is built with code.
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